A1 Compound Microscope

Compound light Microscope, also known as high power (high magnification up to 40x~2000x) microscope, or biological microscope, that uses a compound lens system, including the objective lens (typically 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x), compounded by the eyepiece lens (typically 10x) to obtain a high magnification of 40x, 100x, 400x and 1000x. A condenser beneath the working stage focuses the light directly into the sample. Laboratory level compound microscope usually are upgradeable to dark field, polarizing, phase contrast, and fluorescent, DIC function for special specimens view.


Most people think of a biological compound light microscope when they hear the term compound microscope. This is true that a biological microscope is a compound microscope. But there are some other types of compound microscopes as well. A biological microscope may also be referred to as a brightfield or transmitted light microscope.


Compound Light Microscope

--High magnification 40x-2500x

--From entry level to laboratory level for hospital, colleuge research

--Full range metallurgical, dark field, polarizing, phase contrast & fluorescent

A11.1007 Classical XSZ-107BN Microscope
A11.1007 Classical XSZ-107BN MicroscopeIdeal For Hospital, Laboratory Biological WatchInterpupillary Distance 55-75mm AdjustableAchromatic Objectives 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x(Spring)Quarduple Nosepice With Clip StopLED Light Source Brightness AdjustableCoarse & Fine Focusing Move Working StageCondenser Height Adjustable To Concentrate LightTrinocular Head For Digital Camera And LCD ScreenDouble Slide Holder For Easy ViewCondenser Move Up & Enlarge Iris Diaphragm To Start ViewBoth Eyepiece Tube Diopter AdjustableFocusing Quick Stop Ring To Fix Foucs Point EasilyOpto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Introto A11.1007 Classical XSZ-107BN Microscope Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,150+ Microscope & accessory manufacturers supply chain from China
A15.2601 Series Professional Polarizing Microscope
A15.2601 series professional polarizing microscopeLarge head with Joint Move Design, 360° rotatableStrain-free polarzing objectives, start from 10x on yellow pointRaise the condenser, open iris diaphragm to start viewKohler illumination with field diaphragmRound Stage 360° Rotatable with scale & lockSwing-out condenser with objective mark and polarizer installedCompensator slide with λ slip, 1/4λ slip, and Quartz Wedge SlideInsert the compensator slide into light pathPolarizer move in/out light path, 360° rotatable easilyBertrand lens built-in, move in/out light pathDigital camear can be used with trinocular head
A10.1018 Professional Dark Field Install video
Infinity Plan Optical System WIth Objective 4x10x40x100xInfiniy Plan Dark Field Objective 100X With Iris DiaphramDry Dark Field Condenser N.A.0.7~0.9 Work With 40x ObjectiveImmersion Dark Field Condenser N.A.1.25~1.36 Work With 100x Objective12V100W Kohler Illumination, Asperical Collector, Halogen Lamp
A12.1062-T Laboratory Microscope
Brand New Design 2019 High Level Laboratory Research MicroscopeLCD Screen Base + Coding Quintuple NosepieceLarge Rackless Safty Working Stage 230x150mmInfinity Plan NIS60 Objective 4x10x40x100x, Water 100x Immersion AvailableUpgrade To Dark Field, Polaring, Phase Contrast & Fluorenscent Function
A12.1062-T Laboratory Microscope Install Video
Brand New Design 2019 High Level Laboratory Research MicroscopeLCD Screen Base + Coding Quintuple NosepieceLarge Rackless Safty Working Stage 230x150mmInfinity Plan NIS60 Objective 4x10x40x100x, Water 100x Immersion AvailableUpgrade To Dark Field, Polaring, Phase Contrast & Fluorenscent Function
A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer
Magnification 1~30x Motorized Zoom Control1/3" CCD 800 Lines Digital CameraTransmit & Reflect All Kinds Light SourceExciting Filter 9 Bands, Receiving Filter 9 BandsIncl. Software+Laptop, Wooden PackingSupply Ability:50 piece / MonthCountry of Origin:NingboOpto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Professional A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer manufacturers,25+ Year professional experience we know Microscopes the best!
A12.2601 Laboratory Biological Microscope, Trinocular, Achromatic
Entry Level Laboratory Microscope With Full Range Upgrade ExtensionCan Use 40x LWD Infinity Plan Objective W.D.=3.0m To Avoid Contaminated By Cedar OilCreative 100x Water Objective Instead Of I00x Oil Objective For Easy Use Without OilHigh Rigidity Body Structure Design Supply High Steady & Easy HandleDifferent Color Available To Customize Your Model!Supply Ability:1000 piece / MonthCountry of Origin:China Port
OPTO-EDU A11.1123 Student Biological Microscope
Economical Binocular & Dual LED Biological MicroscopeBinocular Head 45° Inclined, 360° Rotatable Both Eyetube Diopter AdjustableEyepiece WF10x/18mm, Achromatic Objective 4x,10x,40x,100x SpringDouble Layers Mechanical Stage 100x90mm, Moving Range 30x60mmDual LED Light, Up/Bottom Illumination, Brightness Adjustable
A18.1829 Motorized Digital Forensic Comparison Microscope
Total Magnification 2x~240x With 6 Holes NosepieceLeft/Right, Split, Overlapping Image For Forensic Comparison ViewHalogen 50W, LED 5W, Polarizing, Coaxial, UV Light SourceSeparation Line Adjust & Magnification Correcting SystemMotorized Square & Round Working Stage Joint Moving Up/Down
A11.1530 Student Biological Microscope
Place of Origin:CN;BEITheory:Biological MicroscopeDrawtube:BinocularBrand Name:OPTO-EDUModel Number:A11.1530-BBinocular, WF10x,Quarduple, Achromatic 4x10x40x100x, Coarse & Fine Focusing, Double Layer Mechanical Stage 110x125mm, 3W LED Adjustable, Power AC100V-240V+AA1.5V Battery 3pcs
A17.1112 Multi-Viewing Microscope, 10 People Deca Heads
A17.1112Trinocular Head, 9pcs Binocular Heads, WF10X/22mm, Quadruple, Infinity Plan 4x,10x,40x,100x, Mechanical Stage 180x160mm/ 80x50mm, Kohler Illumination, 12V100W Halogen, LED Cursor Brightness Adjustable
OPTO-EDU A13.0211 Upright Metallurgical Microscope, Transmit & Reflect, BF, DIC, Polarizing Install Video
Modularization Function Design For BF/DF, DIC, Polarizing View For Metallurgical LabLWD Infinity BD Plan Objective (No Cover Glass) For DICDIC Push-Pull Group Slide For 5x/10x/20x ObjectiveEpi Illumination Intergrate Field Diaphragm, Aperture Diaphragm, Filters Switching Device For Y,B,G And Ground Glass FiltersTransmit & Reflect Halogen Light Source For Metallurigcal Observe

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