Multi-Viewing Microscope, mainly designed for teaching and educational use. By connect 2 or more compound microscopes by optical path tubes & stand, teachers can share his real time view field under microscope to 2~10 students. With the laser pointer in view field, which is controled by teacher, it is easy to show and teach student how to work under microscope, or study objects together. 

A17.1112 Multi-Viewing Microscope, 10 People Deca Heads
A17.1112Trinocular Head, 9pcs Binocular Heads, WF10X/22mm, Quadruple, Infinity Plan 4x,10x,40x,100x, Mechanical Stage 180x160mm/ 80x50mm, Kohler Illumination, 12V100W Halogen, LED Cursor Brightness Adjustable

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