A5 Microscope Accessories

With the development of modern biotechnology and the increase of people's requirements for microscope accessories, a single optical microscopy imaging system is far from being able to meet people's requirements for photomicrography. The introduction of digital microscopes marked the beginning of a new digital era for optical microscopes. The digital microscope not only combines the good imaging characteristics of optical microscopes, but also perfectly combines it with advanced photoelectric conversion technology and LCD screen technology, so that microscope accessories not only have the ability to observe microscopic observations, but also realize the digital storage of microscopic images. And transmission.

A50.7011 A50.7011 Scanning Electron Microscope The sample coating Ion Sputtering Coater
Place of Origin:CNTheory:Ion Sputtering CoaterDrawtube:N/ABrand Name:OPTO-EDUModel Number:A50.7011--Glass processing chamber: ∮100mm; 130mm High.--Specimen stage size: ∮40mm( Hold 6 specimen cups) --Golden target size: ∮58mm*0.12mm(thickness)--Vacuum detection: Pirani gage--Vacuum protection:20 pa with microscale inflation valve--Medium Gas:Argon or air with argon gas special air inlet and gas regulating in microscale.

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