Mini Microscope, Magnifier

The mini microscope has not only an optical microscope that can magnify more than a thousand times, but also an electron microscope that can magnify hundreds of thousands of times, which enables us to have a better understanding of the laws of life activities of organisms. Most of the experiments stipulated in the general middle school biology syllabus are completed by the mini microscope. Therefore, the performance of the microscope is the key to the observation experiment.

G12.4530 Foldscope Microscope,200x,500x
G12.4530 Foldscope Microscope,200x,500xOpto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Best G12.4530 Foldscope Microscope,200x,500x Supplier,1500+ Microscope products create your one-stop purchase platformThis product has good thermal stability. It is not easily prone to color fading or performance changes in high-temperature environments.

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