Product Installation

1. Microscope installation firstly hold the mirror arm with your right hand and the mirror holder with your left hand. 2. Place the microscope on the experiment table, slightly to the left (the microscope is placed about 7 cm from the edge of the experiment table). Install the eyepiece and objective lens. 3. Rotate the converter to align the low-power objective lens with the light hole (the front end of the objective lens and the stage should be kept at a distance of 2 cm).

Operating Microscope A41.1903 Installation
A41.1903Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Best Operating Microscope A41.1903 Installation Supplier,The Most Professional Microscope Manufacturer in China!8x Tilting 0~180° Binocular For Dental, ENT, Ophthalmology, GynecologyTotal Magnification 4.8x~16x, Step Zoom Body 0.6x, 1x, 1.6xObjectives F=200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 400mm For Different Operating10W LED High Brightness Light Source2 Parts Column + Five Star Base With Caster
OPTO-EDU A15.1302-B Polarizing Microscope Installation
A15.1302Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. BestQuality OPTO-EDU A15.1302-B Polarizing Microscope Factory,25+ Year professional experience we know Microscopes the best!Economical Polarizing Microscope With Full Polarizing FunctionRound Stage Dia.120mm 360° Rotatable Minimum 6' ScalePolarizer On Light Collector 360° RotatableAnalyzer Medium Unit With Optical Compensator λ Slip (First Class Red), 1/4λ SlipTransmit Light 1W LED Brightness Adjustable
Inverted Fluorescent Microscope A16.2702 Installation
A16.2702Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Professional Inverted Fluorescent Microscope A16.2702 Installation manufacturers,150+ Microscope & accessory manufacturers supply chain from ChinaEpi Fluorescent 100W Fluorescent Light & OMEGA Filter B/G/U/UVBinocular Head With Side Phote Port For Standard C-Mount Digital CameraLWD Infinity Plan 10x20x40x & LWD Infinity Plan Phase Contrast 20xLarge Size Working Stage 240x260mm Moving Range 135x85mmRight Hand Univeral Joint Moving Knob ForX/Y Movement Control
Zoom Stereo Microscope A23.0908 Installation
A23.0908Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Introto A23.0908 Installation Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd.,150+ Microscope & accessory manufacturers supply chain from China0.67x-4.5x Zoom Magnification Zoom Ratio 1:6.7Zoom Knob With Click Stop Switch & Magnification Lock45° Inclined Binocular & Trinocular Head With Working Distance 110mmPole & Track Stand With Coarse Focusing Range 50mmTransmit & Reflect LED Light Source Available

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