A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer

Magnification 1~30x Motorized Zoom Control

1/3" CCD 800 Lines Digital Camera

Transmit & Reflect All Kinds Light Source

Exciting Filter 9 Bands, Receiving Filter 9 Bands

Incl. Software+Laptop, Wooden Packing

Supply Ability:50 piece / Month

Country of Origin:Ningbo

Opto-Edu (Beijing) Co., Ltd. Professional A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer manufacturers,25+ Year professional experience we know Microscopes the best!







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A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer

A18.1816 Questioned Document Examination Analyzer is an ideal tool to inspect, observe and compare many kinds of objects, evidences including:                                                                                                                                 

--All kind of questioned documents: Used of different kinds of writing instruments, by adding, altering, conceal, forgery and other methods of fade contract, IOUs, real estate contracts, invoices, bills of exchange, checks, bills of lading, passports and soon.   

--Various fluorescent encryption securities: checks, stocks, credit cards, stamps and special trademarks.                                                                                                                           

--Identify cards, resident identify cards, temporary residence permits, etc. 

--Currency: US Dollars, H.K. Dollars, RMB, etc.

Light Source SystemMain Light Source : 1x 24V/150W Halogen Lamp, With Cooling Fan, Focusing Lens, And Heat-Resistance Glass Cover
UVC: Short-Wave Ultraviolet Light 254nm, 1x10W
UVA: Long-Wave Ultraviolet Light 365nm, 1x10W
Upper Visible Side Light: 1x50W, With Lamp Holder Which Can Adjust Position And Angle Freely, Used To Check Indentation
Transmitted White Light 2x20W
Excitation Wavelength: 000nm,365nm,450nm,465nm,515nm,530nm,565nm,580nm,900nm
Receiving Filter: 000nm,415nm,450nm,565nm,700nm,720nm,740nm,800nm,900nm
Video Camera SystemHigh Sensitive, High Resolution 1/3” CCD Color Digital Camera, 650 Lines, Sensitivity 0.001 Lux, Especially Sensitive To Near-Infrared And Visible Spectral Bands Light Source.
Electrical Zoom Lens, Aperture 1.2, Zoom Ranges 1~30x
FunctionFluorescent Light Source With Multi Excitation And Receiving Filter Combinations,Can Exam And Compare The Different Inks Used On Documents
Reflect Light And Receiving Filter Combination, Can Exam The Reflection And Absorption Of Different Wavelengths On Different Inks.
Reflect Light And Receiving Filter Combination, Can Exam The Transmission Of Different Wavelength Infrared Light On The Different Inks.
Transmit Light And Receiving Filter Combination, Can Exam The Transmission Of Different Wavelength Infrared Light On The Different Inks
Reflect Side Light Can Exam The Scratch, Cut Marks On documents.
Transmit Light Can Illuminate From The Bottom Side To Exam The Scratch, Cut Marks On Documents.

Samples to choose light source according to different objects.
ObjectsLight SourceExcitationReceivingExam
Distinguish Altered Or Added Text By Different Kinds Of InkExcitation485-550 nm700-900 nmAlter
Natural Subside Text On Thermal Paper, Carbon PaperExcitation480-550 nm700-740 nmSubside
Phosphor FingerprintExcitation480-550 nm700-740 nmFluorescent
Multilayer IndentationReflected Light _ Side000nm900nmIndentation
Text On The Black ClothReflected Light _ Side000nm900nmCovered Text
Text In The Kraftpaper EnvelopesTransmitted Light _ UV000nm900nmTransmit
Correction FluidTransmitted Light _ UV000nm900nmAlter
Security TrademarkUVC000nm000nmReal/False
Currency FluorescentUVA000nm000nmFluorescent

The product provides excellent performance to every application.


1.What is the quality warranty?
We supply 3 years warranty for all microscopes, which you may not see from other China supplier.
During warranty period, for any quality defect part (non-human damage), we will bear shipping cost and send new part for repair or replacement. Even after warranty period, we will only charge the lowest material cost to fix the problem. So enjoy your work with our microscope, no need to worry!
2.How can I pay for order?
We accept all payment methods: T/T, Paypal, West Union, MoneyGram , Alipay , LC, etc.
3.You price is high, can I get lowest price?
Yes of course! Our prices are different according to order quantity, large quantity get lowest price. May I know your order quantity, so we can apply the possible lowest direct factory price for you!


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