A62.4501 Atomic Force Microscope

A62.4501 Atomic Force Microscope

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Operation modes Contact mode, Tapping mode,phase,friction, MFM,EFM  Scan angle 0~360° ,Sample size ?≤90mm,H≤20mm, Sample movement 0~20mm ,

Max. scan range X/Y: 20μm, Z: 2μm, Pulse width of approaching motor 10±2ms, 

Resolution X/Y: 0.2 nm, Z: 0.05nm, Magnification of CCD Optical magnification:4X, Resolution 2.5μm,

Scan rate 0.6Hz~4.34Hz Data points 256 x 256,512 x 512 

Scanning control XY: 18-bit D/A, Z: 16-bit D/A, Feedback type DSP digital feedback, Data sampling One 14-bit A/D and double 16-bit A/D multiple-channel simultaneously,  

Feedback sampling rate 64.0KHz ,USB2.0, Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8







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People who bought this product found that it almost produces no light pollution, doing no harm to people's health.

A62.4501 Atomic Force Microscope Specification
Contact mode, friction mode,
extended modes of Tapping,
phase, MFM, EFM. Scan angle Random
Scan angleRandom
Sample sizeØ≤90mm,H≤20mmSample movement0~20mm
Max. scan
X/Y: 20μm, Z: 2μmPulse width of approaching motor10±2ms
ResolutionX/Y: 0.2 nm, Z: 0.05nmOptical systemMagnification: 4x,
resolution: 2.5 μm
Scan rate0.6Hz~4.34HzData points256×256,512×512
XY: 18-bit D/A, Z: 16-bit D/AFeedback typeDSP digital feedback
Data samplingOne 14-bit A/D and double 16-bit A/D multiple-channel simultaneously
PC connectionUSB2.0Feedback sampling rate64.0KHz
WindowsCompatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/7/8


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