Opto-Edu A12.1062 Brand New Design Laboratory Research Biological Microscope, With Coding Nosepiece & Brightness Memory Function LCD Screen

  • Brand New Design 2019 High Level Laboratory Research Microscope

  • LCD Screen Base + Coding Quintuple Nosepiece

  • Large Rackless Safty Working Stage 230x150mm

  • Infinity Plan NIS60 Objective 4x10x40x100x, Water 100x Immersion Available

  • Upgrade To Dark Field, Polaring, Phase Contrast & Fluorenscent Function

Opto-Edu A12.1062 Brand New Design Laboratory Research Biological Microscope, With Coding Nosepiece & Brightness Memory Function LCD Screen
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This picture was taken by a client from Russia named Peter,and his feedback. He was using our company's model A12.1062-T to see this wonderful effect!

The Opto-Edu A12.1062 Brand New Design Laboratory Research Biological Microscope, With Coding Nosepiece & Brightness Memory Function LCD Screen.


The microscope is our company high-end products, standard with bright field. But this microscope is different from other microscopes which just have single function, so in order to meet the needs of basic users, the microscope can be selected with dark field, phase contrast, polarization, can be integrated observation, one machine can meet the needs of basic users, of course, if you want to see the fluorescence effect, you can upgrade to A16.1062.


  • Coding Quintuple Nosepiece For Brightness Memory Function

  • LCD Information Screen On Base To Show Working Condition

  • ECO Function Can Set Auto Power Time From 5 Mins To 8 Hours

  • Excellent NIS60 Infinity Plan Optical System, Special 100x Water Objective Optional

  • Large Rackless Working Stage 230x150mm Moving Range 78x54mm

  • Move Freely Outdoor With Low Voltage Power Supply By USB Charger Or External Power Bank

  • Upgradeable To Dark Field, Polarizing, Phase Contrast & Fluorescent Function (See A16.1062)


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A12.1061, A12.1062 Series Laboratory Biological Microscope, A16.1062 Fluorescent Microscope, were brand new designed entry level research microscope made by Opto-Edu in 2019. It combined many new technologies to supply more smooth & comfortable working experience for long time working user.

Upgraded from A12.1061, model A12.1062 has Coding Quintuple Nosepiece, used with LCD information screen on the base, it can memory the light intensity user choose for each objectives, when user rotate the nosepiece to switch objectives for different magnification observation, the light brightness will change automatically, no need to adjust again and again.

LCD Screen also supports other five modes. Using a dimming knob to achieve multiple functions

  • One Click: Enter Standby Status

  • Press +Up-spin: Switch To The Upper Light Source

  • Double Clicks; Light Lock Or Unlock

  • Press +Down-spin: Switch To The Under Light Source

  • Press 3 Seconds: Set The Time Of Turning Off The Light After Leaving

Check the video to see how A12.1062 works!

A12.1061, A12.1062 series microscope has binocular head, Trinocular head and all-in-one digital head with built-in WIFI 5.0M digital camera to choose.


A12.1062 has 4x,10x,40x,100x(Oil) "NIS45 Infinity Plan Objective" as standard. And you can also choose 20x,100x(Water) "NIS45 Infinity Plan Objective". By using infinity plan objectives, flat image with higher imaging reduction degree over the entire field of view could be achieved.

The different between 100x(Oil) and 100x(Water)

  • Ordinary 100x Oil-immersion Objective needs to use cedar oil as the observation medium. After use, it needs to be cleaned with ether alcohol or xylene, which is easy to cause air pollution and improper cleaning.

  • The Water-Immersion Objective uses water as a medium to solve the above problems perfectly, reducing the damage to the body and environmental pollution.

A12.1061 is the low cost version, without coded nosepiece and LCD screen, but same excellent infinity plan optical system and precise mechanical structure. It can work for dark field, simple polarizing, fluorescent function too, with optional accessories.
A12.1062 compound microscope can upgrade to A16.1062 fluorescent microscope, 3W LED Epi-Fluorescence Attachment, Fly-Eye Lens Illumination, With 2 Filter Position + Bright Field Position, Switch Quickly, With Attachable UV Shield, fluorescent filters B,G,U,V available.
A12.1062-T Laboratory Microscope Trinocular, WF10x/22, Coding Quintuple, Infinity Plan NIS60 4x10x40x100x, Rackless Stage 230x150/ 78x54mm, N.A.1.25 Condenser With Slot, Coaxial, 3W LED, LCD Screen Base


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