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Clocks and mobile phones

To repair mobile phone, stereo microscope is one of the most useful tools. Now we have new models A23.1503 series with rubber pad, digital camera, LCD screen all combined for easily work! A36.3601 is more powerful model which has large 1080p screen, extra back focus knob and dual LED ring light to view all kinds objective by zoom lens on screen!


0.7~4.5x High Quality Optical System Zoom Stereo Microscope

Large Alloy Soft Pad Working Area For Phone Repair Stand 480x320mm,

38M HDMI+USB Digital Camera & LCD Screen Camera Optional

Upper 56 LEDs Right Light Brightness Adjustable Optional

WF15x, WF20x Eyepiece, Auxiliary Lens 0.5x, 2.0x Optional

Fiber measurement

Fiber measurement.

Laboratory biological microscope A12.2601 can also used to watch, measure the fiber of cotton, silk and etc. Put the fiber on prepared slide, cover by glass, you will have a prepared slide of fiber! Watch it just like other biological prepared slide, you can see 100x - 400x is good enough to see fiber surface clearly. With digital camera A59.4910's software, you can calibrate scale and measure the diamter of fiber, take a photo, or even video for your work!


Entry Level Laboratory Microscope With Full Range Upgrade Extension

Can Use 40x LWD Infinity Plan Objective W.D.=3.0m To Avoid Contaminated By Cedar Oil

Creative 100x Water Objective Instead Of I00x Oil Objective For Easy Use Without Oil

High Rigidity Body Structure Design Supply High Steady & Easy Handle

Different Color Available To Customize Your Model!


5.0M USB2.0 1/2.5" CMOS Digital Camera

Real Time Preview, Image/Video Capture

Professional Measuring & Analysis Software

Support Windows, Mac, Linux System

C-Mount, Eyepiece Tube Adapter To Use With All Microscopes

Diamond inspection

Stereo microscope is ideal tools to view and check diamond, jewlery, now, with newly designed all-in-one LCD digital scree and LED light source, A36.3601 and A36.1210 became more powerful and more easy for our customer , who need to see clearly inside the diamond! 

Blood test

Blood test.

To view blood cell, normal biological microscope, even a small student micrsocope like A11.1123, A33.5101 will work, 100x~400x magnification is good enough.

For better view, dark field microscope offen been used to get more clear picture of the blood cell under dark backfield. Under dark field, light source should be stronger than normal to supply more light and higher contrast. If you alreday have a microscope of bright field like A12.2603, a dark field condenser with extra LED light source on it, will be the best choice to upgrade your microscope to dark field version!

Document inspection

Document inspection.

Comparison Microscope, also known as forensic microscope, is a microscope system combine by dual microscopes. Through the two separate optical systems of the instrument, you can view the individual full left or right image of the objective, or compare the two objectives in split-image, overlapping image, to find out the micro difference between them. The instrument is mainly used in forensic lab, security printing works, banks, industry quality control dept., for comparison investigation of bullets & cartridges case, tool marks, currency, coins, banknotes, documents, stamps, seals, fingerprint, fiber, and more small evidence.

Operating microscope

Operating microscope.

Operating Microscope, or named surgical microscope is an optical instrument that provides the surgeon with a stereoscopic, high quality magnified and illuminated image of the small structures in the surgical area. It is a low power stereo microscope mounted on heavy metal stand, with flexible arm for optimum freedom of movement.

Clear cell DIC observation

Clear cell DIC observation.

Phase contrast microscopy produces image intensity (amplitude) values that vary as a function of specimen optical path length magnitude, with very dense regions (those having large path lengths) appearing darker than the background. Alternatively, specimen features that have relatively low thickness values, or a refractive index less than the surrounding medium, are rendered much lighter when superimposed on the standard (positive) phase contrast medium gray background.

3D rotation

3D rotation.

To View Metal Parts, Stone, Rock ot Circuit Board, sometimes we need to check all angels in same viewfield. The 3D Stereo Microscope A21.0401 supply a motorized control box and 360° rotatable lens for this purpose.

Inverted creature

Inverted creature.

Inverted Microscope, is an "inverted" version of upright biological microscope,both the light source and condenser set up high above the stage and pointing down toward the stage, while the objectives and objective turret are located beneath the stage pointing up, It was invented in 1850 by J. Lawrence Smith, used to observe living cells or organisms at the bottom of a petri dish or tissue culture flask. Biological inverted microscopes may also provide brightfield, phase contrast, or epi fluorescence functions too.

Biological section

Biological section.

Compound Microscope, also known as high power (high magnification up to 40x~2000x) microscope, or biological microscope, that uses a compound lens system, including the objective lens (typically 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x), also noted as biological microscope, which mainly used to view a prepared slide, or live creatures in petri dish. We may view them through eyepiece, or through digital camera and LCD screen, or even by your smart phone!

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